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Goleta Pier Log

PFIC Get-Together, Goleta Pier,  July 2003.  Photo credit:  Rich Reano, webmaster,
Volunteer Time:
2006 (total):  103 days, 169.00 hours 
2007 (total):  238 days, 425.75 hours 
2008 (total):  254 days, 641.85 hours
2009 (total):  142 days, 623.50 hours

June 5th, 2009:
In February I reported that the County had installed new signs in the Hoist area in an attempt to discourage people from jumping off the Pier.  This response followed a number of videos posted on the internet by jumpers documenting their exploits. 

Those signs were vandalized and for the past month only the single small sign at the foot of the Pier remained. Recently the number of jumpers have increased. I spoke with a group last week and was told by one arrogant young man that if he couldn't "smoke pot and jump off the Pier he would have to turn to heroin" for his kicks.

This is an all too typical response ... in the past large groups from various UCSB athletic departments have swarmed the Pier in mass jumps despite being advised of the illegality. 

Last August one group of 20 males from UCSB's intramural sports department threatened to assault the Pier Host after jumping. 

They were subsequently detained by the Santa Barbara Sheriff's department and given a stern warning following a foot chase in the west parking lot.

At the time I asked both the UCSB police and the County to work with the University to get the word out to various campus groups. Today another such group arrived at the Pier and again they were cautioned about jumping.  Most of the group left the Pier but a small handful continued loitering in the Hoist area and eventually jumped.

The video above (click on top picture)shows them running off the Pier following the jump, laughing and attempting to hide their faces. I received numerous comments from the Pier regulars regarding their disrespect and voicing frustration about the lack of enforcement.

Not only are they endangering themselves but also they are interfering with the anglers and setting a tone of lawlessness that doesn't bode well for our attempts to encourage family groups to return to the Pier. 

June 6th, 2009:

Here is what everybody is looking for this time of year ... a fat 25" California Halibut (Paralichthys californicus). This has been a slow starting season due to the persistent winds which tend to drive the bait fish off shore and the large predators with them.

Every so often though the winds die back for a day or two and 'Lucky' is right there to take advantage of the favorable conditions.  But it has nothing to do with luck ... fish come to those who are prepared and willing to put their time in the water. 'Lucky' is usually one of the earlier arrivals making live bait (shiners, smelt and mackerel) before mid-morning when the halibut appear.

Today however he didn't hook up until around 3pm but given the thickness of this fish it was worth the wait!

June 18th, 2009:
Last month I met a group from the Alpha Resource Center who had come out to Goleta to fish but only had a couple of poles between the twelve of them. 

I explained to the group leader, Dennis Curtis, that the Angler Center had loaner poles and invited them to return. 

Last week Dennis called to say they were coming out today.  Given the special needs of this group I enlisted Mike Spence, area coordinator for UPSAC and Roy Qi, a local angler and student at UCSB. 

Both Mike and Roy are regular contributors to an online fishing board at have helped out at previous events.

The group arrived in high spirits shortly before 11am and after a brief round of introductions they took their places at the rail and got right down to fishing. Mike and Roy circulated among them checking on their progress and rebaiting their hooks as needed.

The first fish was a nice 14" Jacksmelt caught by Dennis followed by a good number of shiner surfperch equally distributed among the group. After a break around noontime for lunch several members continued fishing while the rest were content to rest on their laurels. 

All fish were placed in a bucket of fresh seawater which was occasionally refreshed to keep them alive. This gave everyone a chance to observe the swimming fish close up. Around 2pm the group pulled in their poles and prepared to pack up before leaving. Many group members offered their personal thanks to Mike and Roy expressing satisfaction with their outing and promising to return on a monthly basis.

Speaking for the three of us I can say we enjoyed the day equally as well and look forward to their return visits. It was a pleasure assisting such an enthusiastic group of anglers!

All caught fish were successfully returned to the water.

June 22nd, 2009:


The Ventura County Star has recently produced an excellent informative article on the shipwrecks in the Santa Barbara Channel including underwater views of the Cuba (1923), Aggi (1915), Chickasaw (1962), Spirit of America (1980) and the Winfield Scott (1853).

The accompanying article gives additional detail regarding the wrecks and the efforts to document them and make them accessible to the public. 


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