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PFIC Get-Together, Goleta Pier,  July 2003.  Photo credit:  Rich Reano, webmaster,

August 18th, 2009:

Back in mid-July the engine in my RV gave out. Fortunately my good friend Charley, who is the mechanic for Mike Cavaletto's avocado ranch up Winchester Canyon, offered to do the removal and replacement at his special 'friends only' rate ... about 25% of the going rate for RV engine work. It's nice to have friends like Charley!  Pictured along with Charley and the new engine are several members of my 'support group' who kept me from descending into the depths of despair over my predicament.

Before the engine went I had been commuting to the beach daily which put additional stress on an already worn out motor.  In order to eliminate the daily commute I have reenlisted in the resident Camp Host program here at Goleta Beach. 

However the host program has a 20 hour per week work requirement in addition to the 20 volunteer hours per week I am currently putting in at the Angler Center so my time for blogging will be quite limited.

Hopefully once I adjust to the routine of working 40 hours per week again (I thought I had retired) I can get back to regularly reporting Pier news and updating the other features of this site.

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