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PFIC Get-Together, Goleta Pier,  July 2003.  Photo credit:  Rich Reano, webmaster,
Volunteer Time:
2006 (total):  103 days, 169 hours
2007 (total):  238 days, 425.75 hours
2008 (total):   17 days,  15.50 hours

January 5th, 2008:

Pictured is the vessel Waterbase which was moored off of Campus Point for several days before coming aground yesterday. I spoke with one of the Park Rangers today and was alarmed to learn that they have been given no specific instructions as to how to proceed should the vessel refloat during the expected storm swells and high tides this weekend.

The concern is that the general direction of the inshore current could carry the boat into the Pier doing severe damage. Last month during a similar swell event another boat lost its mooring in the Bay and ended up crashing into the pier.  The Waterbase is a significantly larger and heavier vessel with the potential to actually undermine the structural integrity of the Pier.

I hope we don't have to start the New Year off by having to rebuild the Pier! Why there is no contingency planning for such an event(as far as I am aware) is utterly incomprehensible ... 

Update 1-23-08:Noozhawk reports that the owner of the boat, now living in Lake Elsinore, lied to investigating officers when he claimed he had sold the boat.  Actually it was being held for a pending lien auction in Oxnard and was apparently illegally removed from the marina there. The boat now appears to be secured above the high tide level and, hopefully, is no longer in danger of refloating.

January 12th, 2008:  *** New Poll ***

The online paper, Santa Barbara's Noozhawk, is conducting a survey of those who visit Goleta Beach County Park to assess their recreational preferences and opinions concerning the various beach stabilization measures. 

Current results indicate 2 votes for the managed retreat option and 13 for the County plan (permeable groin etc.). Although I personally am in favor of the second option(County plan) I do have some concerns regarding its possible impacts which I discussed back in May.

Please visit their poll (at the bottom of the front page)and weigh in ... it will be interesting to follow this poll and see how it turns out.

Another Noozhawk articlereports that "Beginning Monday [1-14-08], the County Parks Department will be issuing citations to dog owners who fail to observe County Code Section 26-49, which requires all dog in county parks to be on a leash not more than 6 feet in length and under the immediate control of a capable and responsible person, or properly confined."

After cleaning up three distinct deposits on the Pier this morning I strongly approve of this renewed enforcement effort. Goleta Beach is not an official off-leash park and yet there are days when you would never know it.

Unfortunately there is a hard-core group who arrive before the Rangers and Animal Control are on duty in the mornings. They let their dogs out and then sit in their vehicles drinking coffee and reading the paper purposely oblivious to the subsequent mess.

Update 1-23-08:  The Poll and the results page are no longer available ...  I received a notice saying "You are not authorised to view this resource."

Shortly before it was removed I emailed the paper with a concern about the polls' design -  apparently there were no checks in place to prevent duplicate voting. In fact it was possible to submit an entry with ALL the check boxes filled out rendering the subsequent results essentially meaningless. 

I also noticed that the presentation order of the two choices regarding the beach maintenance question had been reversed at least once ... was that an attempt to manipulate the response? I hope not.

I have yet to receive an answer to my inquiries.


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