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Goleta Pier Log

PFIC Get-Together, Goleta Pier,  July 2003.  Photo credit:  Rich Reano, webmaster,
Volunteer Time:
2006 (total):  103 days, 169 hours
2007 (total):  238 days, 425.75 hours
2008 (total):   33 days,  41.50 hours

February 15th, 2008:

Yesterday's Daily Nexus reported on the escalating gang violence both in Santa Barbara
and Goleta.  According to District Attorney Hilary Dozer" ...that while he believes gang violence is at a high right now, it will lessen with the help of community members who report crime."

In the meantime there has been a noticeable escalation of gang tagging in the bathrooms at the Park. The above picture shows just a small portion of some recent [Sunday 2-10-08] challenges issued by at least 3 local gangs and the subsequent x-ing out in response. Dan McSkimming, a senior deputy for the County Sheriffs Dept. Gang Unit, said that " ...  incidents occur when one gang feels injured or insulted by another."

Our experience at Goleta has shown that gang fights often follow such an escalation in tagging. In order to lessen the potential threat it is important that all such tagging be removed as soon as possible.  Leaving it intact only incites rival gangs.
Unfortunately, for whatever reasons, the County has been slow to respond since I stopped removing such graffiti back in January 2007

Update:  After cleaning the Pier this morning I stopped by the bathroom at the foot of the Pier and discovered that the recent gang graffiti (above) had been painted over.  Checking with one of the regulars I learned the cleanup took place yesterday and was told that it apparently was painted over in haste as there was quite an accumulation of white paint on the floor beneath the stall wall and in one of the sinks where it had been poured down the drain. 

In other news - back on January 9th of this year I observed approximately 20 young males jumping from the hoist area of the pier. I met the group at the foot of the pier and pointed out the sign prohibiting jumping from the pier. 

I was physically threatened with assault by one group member which resulted in a call for assistance to the local police department.  The group was apprehended running through the Park near Group Area "D".  Initially they told the responding officers they were a 'visiting Lacrosse team' but finally admitted they were from UCSB Intramural Sports Department.

I was asked to sign a citizen complaint but chose not to do so preferring to have the officers lecture them about the violation.  At the time I requested that a follow up contact be made with UCSB administration since this was the third such incident in the past year.  Previously both the UCSB Swim Team and the UCSB Junior Lifeguards have received similar warnings.  I also filed an incident report with the Park.

To date I have not received any acknowledgment of my request. Recently I was surprised to find this statement  on the website for the Junior Lifeguards:  "The pier jump was popular. For the first time we had a few parents request to participate."

Once again I wish to remind UCSB of the County ordinance section 26-82: No person shall dive from the Goleta Beach Pier or swim, surf or jet ski within one hundred feet of the Goleta Beach Pier. (Ord. No. 3708, § 1).

February 24th, 2008:
More large swells following this week's storm.  This picture was taken around noontime and there were many visitors risking a walk on the pier to see and feel the power of the waves close up. 

The pier was later closed in order to prevent the type of accident that occurred on the breakwater in Santa Barbara when 3 walkers were swept over the railing and into the inner harbor.

Later in the afternoon several jet skiers attempted to launch their watercraft but were overturned and beaten back by the waves.

February 29th, 2008:

I was contacted by one of the regulars this morning telling me there were a group of people on the beach trying to resuscitate a beached dolphin to the west of the pier.

By the time I got there the dolphin had already died. I called the Park rangers to have the animal picked up. There have been recent reports of dolphins affected by Naval sonar testing in the Channel and this one did not appear to have have any external injuries.

Earlier I had been on the pier and noticed what appeared to be a juvenile dolphin feeding by itself just offshore.  At the time I thought it strange that a calf would be on its own but there were no other dolphins present.  The calf remained in the same spot repeatedly diving over a period of 30 minutes before moving on.

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