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With that in mind ...

Posted by pierhead
on Aug-14-06 6:19pm

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Pierhead's Travel Notes 

Date: August 14, 2006 
Location: Arroyo Hondo Viewpoint 
GPS: 34.47381N - 120.1367W 
Compass heading: 82 degrees

I just realized that the only posts mentioning fishing from seawalls originate in Santa Barbara county ... perhaps that's because we have the most extensive and accessible seawalls in the state :) 

In the southern portion there are Seawalls #1 and 2 on the Rincon Parkway favored by late afternoon/evening anglers for shovelnose and leopard shark (No parking after 9PM). Midcounty there is the Summerland Seawall with assorted rockfish, perch and the occasional halibut. Evans Avenue exit to the (?) park and a quarter mile westward down the beach. 

But perhaps the most extensive system of seawalls can be found along the Gaviota Coast ... built around the turn of the century to protect the bluffs along which the railroad tracks run, they provide an excellent fishing platform paralleling the nearshore kelp beds ... in some places no more than 20 yards out out. Large Calicos and Grass RF are the target here. 

Not quite accessible as the others, my favorite, Arroyo Hondo, is reached by a steep downhill trail which includes a section of 21 cement steps with a deadly secret ... the first 7 steps down have 8.5 inch risers but step #8 and the remainder are 11.5 inches ... if you are not alert you suddenly pitch forward as your foot didn't touch down when you expected it to. 

If you survive the fall ... the rest of the descent is fairly gentle and terminates at the western extremity of the .5 mile long seawall. Generally you can fish here at any tide less than 4' ... although portions of the wall are in poor repair further along. 

One thing I have noticed during my semi-annual cleanup is that most of the trash is generated by drinkers of Corona Extra and Pacifico Clara and is usually confined to the first quarter mile ... I guess the thought of stopping for a cold one was too tempting to walk any further. :) 

Good thing too since this morning's haul included approximately 45 beer bottles, 60 beer cans, 25 plastic sports/water bottles in addition to loose and spooled fish line, squid bait trays, foam ice chests and other trash. Surprisingly NO cigarette butts! 

I was encouraged that drinkers of my favorite beer, Dos Equis (XX), didn't leave any of their empties behind :) 

Overall I would rate this as a fairly secluded seawall if you fish weekdays or mornings. Occasionally on the weekends and some evenings local subsistence anglers and their families are present but not in great numbers. There is abundant parking at the Viewpoint and you can even stay overnight as it serves as an overflow for the Gaviota Rest Areas. 

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