What is the UPSAC proposal?

United Pier and Shore Anglers of California is requesting a decommissioning of the existing mid-pier bathroom at Goleta Beach County Park.  We are proposing in its place a community multi-purpose marine center.

Acquiring this location would allow for the completion of UPSAC's Model Pier Demonstration Project  which was initiated at Goleta last summer.  Our preference would be for an annual renewable contract in exchange for a minimum of 2 hours daily pier cleanup by UPSAC staff. 

1. What type of modifications does the existing building require to be usable?

  • Removal of existing fiberglass holding tanks.
  • Replacement of  the current fiberglass paneled roof with a solid wood or metal cover. 
  • A  3 x 6 foot framed opening between the two doors secured with a swing down reinforced wood or metal shutter 
  • A  2' x 6' wood counter.
  • Keyed locks and dead bolts for all openings.
  • Interior paneling and flooring (if existing metal flooring doesn't extend to back wall)
  • 120 volt service and several wall outlets.
  • Interior and exterior (under eaves) security lighting.

2. Who will maintain the building?

Minor upkeep, painting and repairs will be done by UPSAC with the County maintaining overall responsibility. 
3. How will the building be secured to prevent vandalism or theft? 
UPSAC will provide an electronic security system as well as storing all equipment in  metal lockers secured to the wall and floor.  All openings will be secured by lockable dead bolts.

4. What exactly does UPSAC plan to do in the space? 

a.  Angler education and support:

  • Stock and distribute the annual California Dept. of Fish and Game (DFG) Sportfishing Regulations booklets.
  • Stock and place DFG fish 'rulers' (guides to legal size limits)  at multiple locations on the pier. 
  • Provide fish identification service and official weigh-in and certification as needed.
  • Create and distribute (free) pier maps showing the various species and their locations as well as selected  angling tips.
  • Angling clinics emphasizing pier etiquette and ethical angling practices.
  • Provide an external, wall mounted time, tide and temperature display.

b. Angler impact mitigation:

  • Promote the use of existing environmentally sensitive fishing tackle and gear  (e.g. circle hooks, non lead  weights etc.) and partner with tackle manufactures as a test bed for newly developed products.
  • Establish an active Do Not Feed Wildlife campaign including additional signage, posters, handouts and  personal contact to reduce the number of birds attracted to the pier.  By controlling food sources there will be  fewer birds on the pier and thus fewer accidental snaggings.
  • Remove discarded fishing line, hooks, sinkers and unused bait from the topside of the pier on a daily basis.
  • Sponsor annual underwater cleanups by local dive clubs.
  • Provide courtesy bait boards (to protect railings and benches) and  bait rags (to hide bait from birds).
  • Maintain existing monofilament recycling baskets on pier and provide replacements as needed. 

c.  Community outreach:

  • Seek grants and other funding for additional educational and environmental displays on the pier similar to Ventura's Pier Into the Future project.
  • Mount and maintain a Community Bulletin Board/Calendar on the outside of the building announcing fishing  clinics, walking tours, bird watching events and other items of interest to pier visitors.
  • Maintain the current Goleta Pier web site (http://pierhead.freeservers.com) and update  it with links to all  environmental and special interest groups having projects relating to Goleta Pier and Slough.
  • Liaison with UCSB's Marine Sciences Department and other community groups to develop and host joint projects and educational presentations.
  • Work with local teachers and environmental groups to develop and  host specialized educational presentations at the pier for students after school and during the summer.
  • Provide sponsorship for the fishing clubs in local schools.

d.  Pier maintenance and security:

The UPSAC staffer at the Center will be identified as a Pier Host similar to the camp host position within the State and County Park system.  The intent is to monitor and mentor transactions at the pier to insure a safe, pleasant, and hopefully educational experience. 

The Host will also be responsible  for the daily pier cleaning, discarded tackle removal and assisting with injured birds and other marine wildlife problems.  A list of emergency numbers and after hours contacts will be posted on the exterior wall.

The Center would become the central point of contact for all visitors to the pier ... a place where the general public and anglers in particular could learn more about the local marine environment and  the necessity of and techniques for minimizing our impact. 

5. When will the Center open and what will be the hours?

Anticipated opening will be Spring 2008.  During the school year the building will be staffed on weekends, holidays and during scheduled events only.  From  June through September the building will be open six days per week (closed Thursdays).  The hours will be 10am - 5pm.  The current Pier Host  will staff it initially until there are trained backups.

Background Information:

Project director - Ken Jones  ken.jones@upsac.org   (209 367-5961)
Project administrator - Boyd Grant  (Pier Host - Goleta)  boyd.grant@upsac.org  (805 637-6708)

Associated web sites:

UPSAC Grants and Projects: References: 
  • Milton Love, Research Biologist, Marine Science Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara     Email: love@lifesci.ucsb.edu 
  • Edgar W. Roberts III, Associate Marine Biologist, Recreational Fisheries Data Project,

  • California Department of Fish and Game   Email: eroberts@dfg.ca.gov
  • Carolyn (Carrie) Culver, Santa Barbara/Ventura County Advisor Sea Grant Extension Program    Email: csculver@ucdavis.edu
  • Marty Golden, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Pacific Coast Recreational Fisheries Coordinator  Emal: Marty.Golden@noaa.gov