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Gaviota State Park seawall

Posted by pierhead
on Aug-22-06 6:31pm


Pierhead's Travel Notes

Date: August 22, 2006 
Location: Gaviota State Park (trailhead) 
GPS: 34.47156N - 120.2299W 

The last time I was at the Gaviota seawall, in June, I gave it a good cleaning so I knew it wasn't going to require much. But I also suspected that the pull-outs on the Hollister Ranch road leading to it needed a bit of picking up so I thought I would begin there ... turned out to be an understatement :) 

Starting at the trailhead around 8am I worked solidly until 3pm filling three 50 gallon contractor clean-up bags full of the usual roadside trash. The seawall itself had only accumulated a 5 gallon bucket's worth ... mostly beer bottles and fish line.

This is the only seawall in the county that I haven't fished. There is little kelp in this cove but plently of offshore structure. The substratum is layered shale slanted backwards at a 45 degree angle and heavily mussel encrusted. The tide was around 2' this afternoon when the pictures were taken ... I would guess the seawall would be safe to fish up to a 5 foot tide. There is a middle section that the cliff has encroached on leaving only a narrow 1 foot walkway but beyond it the wall widens again ending at the beach on the eastern end.

The access is from the trailhead at the first curve on the ranch road which runs up behind Gaviota State park from the kiosk. Park on either side and walk towards the ocean. Turn north at the railroad tracks and walk less than 1/2 mile looking for a red MCI cable marker (#3809) on the left. About 20 feet past it there is a trail down to the seawall. 

Be aware ... this is a very steep trail and not one to build up any momentum on ... make sure every step you take is planned :) Probably best not to load down with too much tackle ... travel light and stay safe. 

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