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First an explanation ... 
Posted by pierhead 
on Aug-14-06 6:16pm

  Since I no longer fish I've been wondering how I could stay connected to the water and also continue participating in the best online community in the western hemisphere :) 

The first concern was a no-brainer ... Picking up 'my share and more' was a goal when I was haunting piers and shorelines in pursuit of fish and I see no reason to slack off now ... in fact as a 'serious senior' the income from recyclables is helpful :)  

The shorelines I fished were not part of the annual Beach Cleanup Days because they were not highly visible ... so in exchange for the years of pleasure they have given me I am putting some serious ongoing effort into keeping them clean. And maybe work off some of that bad karma I accrued as a former smoker and butt-tosser :)  

The second concern ... what did I have to offer the message board ... was a little harder. Then it dawned on me that one thing I could do is share some of that 'hidden coastline' here in SB County so that everyone could see what is at stake with the next round of MLPA decisions. Unlike the Big Sur area almost every foot of this coastline is accessible ... so whatever the closures many more people will be affected. And if some of the more popular spots are shut down then these 'hidden' areas could be of help in re-distributing the angling population so as to minimize impact. 




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