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A late Goleta summary... 

Posted by Ken Jones 
on Jul-17-03 6:38am

 Well, I'm expected to sum up the activities and feelings concerning the Goleta Get Together but I feel somewhat like an interloper. A great group of people put this shin dig together and I was simply able to sit back and enjoy the fruit of their labor (and I thank them greatly). The main man behind the event was Boyd, aka Pierhead. He was assisted by an outstanding group that included, but was not limited to, Adam (Baitfish), Rebecca (Roosterqueen), Don (Donblaze420), Ross (Gordo Grande), James (Goyzadude), Andy (Fishfishaj) and Tim (Sinker). It wasn't exactly a cast of thousands but the job these folks did in procuring the site, food, prizes, etc. was superb. As was their job in cooking that food and allowing each of the PFIC members in attendance to partake of those goodies, a necessary ingredient if we are to maintain our svelte, cat-like physiques.  
As impressive in its own way was the attendance of the "Pier Rat Nation," a gathering of the clan, so to speak. 53 people signed the list sheet, but more were in attendance. Included were such notable members as Pierhead, Songslinger, Redfish, Baitfish, Roosterqueen, Pescare, GDude (Goyzadude), Rich Reano, Predator, Dolphinrider, Gordo Grande, DonBlaze 420, Josh, Sandtrout, Goonerdude, Fishfishaj, SDBrian, OB Pier Rat, Graybeard, Catfish, Thresher, Chuam, Fish Finder, KCruise, Nigeria Butler, Crystal Blue, Greenrag, Fish Bomb, Fishy (a very late arrival in the evening) and The Pier Fisherman. Add in family and friends it was quite a group. And not to forget two gentlemen who joined us from the Fish and Game: Paul Grunion (now retired but seemingly as busy as ever) and Ed Roberts. They brought books and pamphlets to hand out, set up a tent where they answered questions, and even managed to get in a little fishing. Last, but certainly not least, was the appearance of Milton Love, one of the leading authorities on fish of the West Coast. I have two of his books (and need the new one on rockfish), quote from him in my new book, and have enjoyed his wit and wisdom for years. He is a star as far as I am concerned and I really enjoyed spending a little time with him and talking about fish -- and the piers. I just hope a few other people had the chance to share a few minutes with him as well as Paul and Ed. You just had to be there and I feel sorry for those who couldn't make the trip. 

It was an interesting day with Boyd, Andy and a few others arriving before 8 a.m. Gordo Grande and his daughter Samantha arrive early and soon had a tent up and the coffee heatin' up. Pescare is there with his duo of charming daughters -- Tara and Jenna. Adam and Rebecca reach the spot along with a huge ice chest, drinks, and a ton of prizes. Rich and Ken boogie in from an early Ventura breakfast and are soon trying to help out where needed -- and not get in the way where not needed. Josh arrives with the entire Perez family. GDude lands and begins the assembly of his tent and the unloading of an amazing number of rods, reels, electronics, etc. from the bowls of his van. People are setting up the tables, making sure the food and drinks are ready to go, and good vibes are already beginning to dominate. But this was a fishing group. DonBlaze420 is out in his kayak already seeking out the halibut. Songslinger and Redfish are checking out the beach and the pier. Goonerdude has headed over to the pier as have Graybeard, Sandtrout and I believe, SDBrian, all to do some fishing. More and more people begin to arrive, faces are put on the names we see so often on the board, and most head out to the pier. Paul Gregory and Ed Roberts arrive representing the Fish and Game and they too head out to the pier to sit up a small tent and answer questions the pier rats may have. 

All in all it's starting to look good -- except for the not-so-svelte amazons occupying the grasslands between "our" reserved site and the beach. Boyd asks them, in his usual gentlemanly manner, to move, but they refuse. Next he tossed a couple off the cliff. No, actually that was just one of those image visualizations you do to control your blood pressure. Turns out they are allowed in that area and the park ranger can't move them. However, they are soon happily flip flopping their way into the Pacific where they do a short swim and return. Eventually they are gone before our main activities commence. To me they looked like the films you see of baby penguins learning to swim -- or -- rejects from a casting call for one of those old Esther Williams synchronized aquatic dance films of the '40s. And Songslinger had almost the exact same impression, he said their routine was the "Total Immersion Morality Moms. Until it morphed into maturedotcom esther williams choreography." Would have been interesting to see Lucy at this function, she might have actually tossed a couple of the ladies off the cliff. But I veer off course. 

The hours flew but here are a few notes: 

o Excellent food as promised by Pierhead. Tri-tip steaks (provided by Pierhead, and over 60 steaks served), green salad, potato salad, macaroni salad, blue hard boiled eggs, pinto beans (home made by Songslinger), garlic bread, fresh albacore (brought by Chuam), and some yakitori and sausages (from GDude). The main chef by the way was Don Blaze and I'm afraid he did such a good job that he may be forced to repeat his actions next year. Cookies for dessert (from the Perez family I believe), watermelon, rhubarb pie, apple pie and probably a few more things that I am forgetting. A great meal and no one should have left hungry. 

o Excellent surroundings and facilities -- a barbecue area right next to the beach , a grassy area to recline and rest, a play area for kids, and adjacent restrooms. What more do you need? And great weather -- even if it did lead to a few sunburns. 

o Tickets for the raffle went fast in the morning since Rebecca and the Tidycat duo - Tara and Sam were a little hard to resist. By the time they were done UPSAC has more than $500. In addition, 16 rods and reels were donated (by many individuals) as well as miscellaneous tackle to be used in future UPSAC events. As Adam already reported, three companies -- Insidesportfishing, Big Hammer and -- donated the majority of gifts. Gyozadude also deserves special credit for his donations. After lunch was served the lengthy raffle took place and almost everyone who had bought a ticket won a prize.  

o The Tidycat girls -- Tara and Sam -- were a special treat and worth the price of admission, if we had charged admission. They skillfully handled the raffle (together with Rebecca) and brought a sense of charm and youthful exuberance to the proceedings. Hollywood, watch out! 

After the raffle it was the time for some serious fishing and several fishing reports have been posted. Just let me say that I doubt if the pier has ever had a more dedicated and enthusiastic group of anglers grace it with their presence. If an aura of good feelings has ever enveloped a pier, it was that night on that old wooden pier at Goleta.  

As GDude reported, the event at Goleta sets a new standard in how we will host our events. How do we top this?  


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