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Grow Number 1
(January 29th - April 13th)


Started 1/29 with 3 Super Skunk clones.  Made all the usual mistakes while traversing the learning curve (under watering, overheating, over fertilizing etc.) and lost 2 of the 3 along with a Mexican dirt weed seed I had germinated..  

Clones were started under a 24 hour light cycle. I adjusted that to 18/6 which caused the clones to pre flower so I went to 12/12 on 2/13.  Didn't actually show multiple pistils and developing calyx until maybe another week or so 2/20.   So the first harvest on 4/3 was maybe premature by a couple of days since the early harvest (45th day of flowering) wasn't reached until 4/6.  The second and final harvest on 4/13 would then been at day 52 (2 days past due).  The second harvest actually smelled like fruit right from the start before drying and curing.  Dried for 3-5 days and then put in jars which were burped every day for 2 weeks.  

January 29th:

1st 3 clones (Super Skunk)

March 30th: 

Plant at 6th week of flowering

Buds at 6th week of flowering

April 3rd:

Early harvest of 4 outside terminal colas

(4 branches trained as a horizontal cross)

April 13th:

Final Harvest

Cure at 30 days

Very little smell while growing and even less after dried.  Some aroma developing after a month of curing. My grower was impressed though and it does smoke smooth with very good potency. Final quantity from the single plant was 10 grams of cured bud and 6 grams of shake (small leaves). 

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