December 2002

Total Fish this Month: 49
Number of Species:     7
Summary:   Under the new DFG regulations effective 1/1/03 rockfishing is closed until 6-30-03. I have had  a great year exploring the kelp reef structure and accumulating lots of good data on the rockfish population but now it is time to switch gears - my new emphasis for first half of this coming year will be on the piling structure and associated species like pile and buttermouth perch. I will also explore the wonderful world of Corbina fishing which was outstanding this past year at Goleta. Hopefully I will get a few Sandbass, Calico Bass and Halibut as well as I switch to fishing with live baits jigged up on a Sabiki rig.

Best wishes and good fishing to all in the New Year as we adapt to the new restrictions on our sport,